How to stop others to talk about Andhra ?

How to stop or teach others from talking about Andhra ?

Take Jai Ram Ramesh or for that matter the people who do not know how to pronounce Lagatapati or do not
know the difference between Rajagopal and Rajagopalan – started talking about us. And they comment about us keeping TRS leaders behind them.

We – Andhras -should learn and get trained in one virtue that we should vehemently oppose and differ with others who speak bad or comment on us. We need to learn – at least now – about our self respect, – we should all respect each of our own Andhra people – right from today wherever we are.

We need not beat our chest just one for Nadella – we have many people in the list and to survive and to our success we learn lot from Tamilnadu – Its not a shame to learn – but we should learn not to shame ourselves by looking down our own people or talking in Telugu in Andhra YASA. No Issues.

We have paid a heavy price – and Narayanaswamy, Chidambaram and Jai Ram Ramesh etc spoken lot about us. We were ready to throw stones on N.Sanjeev Reddy when he stood for President out of our love towards Smt Indira Gandhi -but now?
We need to learn to show our displeasure on people who talked ill about us. We should show and prove that we are not beggars – rather we are considerate and common folk – and follow the rule of live and let live.

We need self respect -respect other Andhra – the Kamma kings and Reddy Kings called as Andhra Kings rules entire India for centuries and we have helped many people – There was only Andhra Mahasbha, Maharastra Mahasabha and Karnataka Mahasabha – there was no Telangana Mahasabha when there was Nizam rule.

it’s time we assert ourselves and we should not fight with each other about our capital – every city in Andhra should be developed as Capital…


2 thoughts on “How to stop others to talk about Andhra ?

  1. Vijay says:

    Very well said..we have to form as group and bring some good values among us. community…everyone has great love on mother land…that’s great thing…we have to give great respect to our elders providing good education to us…we have to show to next generation about telugu unity and integrity..and should play active role in national politics..every one should put some personal goal to reach there..even though env is dirty,,we have to join the race..hope god and nature will support us in future…god bless great Andhra Pradesh.

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